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The Diddley Bow comes of age

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We have recently taken our Diddly Bow into a number of schools to see what the pupils thought of it. They have never seen an instrument like this and were very eager to try it out. Amazingly, once given a quick demonstration, they were able to play tunes on it. Some children made music up and some were able to play well-known tunes. Children find the Diddly Bow an easy instrument to play, given them instant gratification and the teachers have also found it very rewarding. Continue reading

Neither wind nor rain was enough to put off plenty of blues and beer lovers at the weekend. The soft launch of our new diddley bow received great enthusiasm from the crowd and from the guys who played it for us. Marcus Reeves, (Dr X), enjoyed his time with the bow, even after only playing one note he said "OOOoooohh I like it already!"

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For a little while now we have been working on our Diddley Bow, the first high end single string electric slide guitar. This is the prototype that you see being held by Arca Instruments co-founder, Nigel Holland.

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It's been a little while since both Martin and I decided to develop a high end Diddley Bow Guitar, but we're so close to getting hold of the prototype it doesn't seem real.

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