The Diddley Bow comes of age
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UK Based Manufacturer UK Based Manufacturer  

For a little while now we have been working on our Diddley Bow, the first high end single string electric slide guitar. This is the prototype that you see being held by Arca Instruments co-founder, Nigel Holland. Nigel Holland Co-Found of Arca InstrumentsThis coming weekend and throughout April and May we will be putting it through its paces with a number of blues bands, various guitarists and people that have never played a Diddley Bow before to get some useful feedback. We know it sounds great but we want to make sure it feels right.

Markus Reeves from Dr X and Steve from the Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band will be playing and testing it and will advise us on any changes that might need implementing prior it going into production.

This is an exciting time and I would like to ask you to share this site with as many people as you know. This is an instrument that is easy to pick up and play, it's a fun instrument, it can be a blues, classical, soul, reggae instrument. It's how ever you want to play it.

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