The Diddley Bow comes of age
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Neither wind nor rain was enough to put off plenty of blues and beer lovers at the weekend. The soft launch of our new diddley bow received great enthusiasm from the crowd and from the guys who played it for us. Marcus Reeves, (Dr X), enjoyed his time with the bow, even after only playing one note he said "OOOoooohh I like it already!" He then went onto say, "You got to buy one of these!". Well of course that's what we wanted to hear. Steve Chown (Yellow Dog Rythm & Blues Band), was the second musician to play the bow. A very different style and he made it sound amazing.


Marus Reeves put the Diddley Bow through it's paces. 
DBBBB (2 of 4)Dr X putting on a fine example of dirty grass roots blues


Steve from The Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues BandSteve from The Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band

In between the two blues bands Darcie, a young lady just chilled us all out with some fantastic singing. She's a singer song writer and performed her own work. However, she did play a great rendition of Green Day's 'Boulevard of broken dreams'. A very talented musician who we believe will go far.

DarcieDarcie, who is only 14 wowed the crowd with her own compositions. A great voice, keep an eye out for this talented singer songwriter.
DBBBB (4 of 4)Steve Chown and Marcus Reeves pose with the Arca Instruments Diddley Bow

The bow had a good outing for it's first time, obviously it's not the first bow out there as the instrument has been around for near hundred years. But this is the first high end diddley bow that we are bringing to market.

I would like to thank DR X, Yellow Dog Rhythm & Blues Band, and Darcie coming to play for us, It was a super day.

beer bottle lableAnd of course, lets not forget the Hart Family Brewers who hosted the Diddley Bow Beer Blues Bash and for the Diddley Bow Beer, a rye pale ale, brewed especially for the event.

Hart Family Brewers Logo

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