The Diddley Bow comes of age
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Dr X playing a diddley bow

Arca instruments was born out of frustration and the love of music. It was started by Nigel Holland and Martin Scarborough who are both music lovers and frustrated guitarists.

Nigel is an ex drummer who played in the pubs clubs around London and Martin has seen more gigs, trod in more Glastonbury mud and has more gig tickets decorating his kitchen than you can shake a stick at. He also as an appreciation for good old British rock.

In 2015 both Martin and Nigel was at a gig where the guitarist, Markus Reeves from Dr X (right), picked up a plank of wood with one string on it and played the most amazing blues riff. We wanted to know more about this strange but simple instrument. We researched the history of the 'Diddley Bow' and despite its origins felt that it needed to be bought up to date. For the purists out there who still think that the Diddley Bow should be built out of scrap, fair play.

This is a diddley bow. It's a bit of wood with a string nailed to it.

Seasick Steve

Despite the simplicity of the Diddley Bow Nigel and Martin felt it was time that this instrument was given an update.

Firstly we did quite a bit of research into how long this musical instrument had been around. We then decided to build one from an old bannister upright. We purchased all the pieces we needed from eBay for next to nothing and proceeded to build ourselves a Diddley Bow. Surprisingly it didn't sound that bad. In fact we used it to play old Lang Syne on New Year's Eve.

Our next job was to design a new electric Diddley Bow. We looked at what was out on the market already and was very surprised to find only a couple that were being produced on a large scale. So we forged ahead and contacted an extremely knowledgeable and helpful guitar manufacture, Gordon Smith Guitars, and that brings us to now. We plan to go into production of the first batch of Diddley Bows mid way through the year. But if you're interested in seeing one in the flesh before then why don't you pop down to our Diddley Bow Beer Blues Bash on the 26th March

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